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Vanilla 1.1.4 jest produktem Lussumo. Więcej informacji: Dokumentacja, Forum.

    • 1: CommentAuthorxxl
    • CommentTime3 Aug 2020

    Mozesz podlinkowac plik pastfindera ktor sie nie laduje?
    • 2: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime3 Aug 2020
    AVG is best cart ever :) I have one, and everything works ! AVF player, PDM stereo covox player, atr launcher, xex . . . great, I love it :)
    You should load the tape/CAS version of Silent Service or Tomahawk with standard 600 Baud - waiting time approx. 30 minutes... in the meanwhile you can do a complete walktrough of SMB on another grey console.

    I do have one problem with my AVG carts and my (Lotharek) stereo-enhancements though: PDM files do not play or sound like 8Bit, they sound like 4Bit with FJC PDMplayer (extremely noisy!). And with the new PDM player by Xuel I even have proof of that, since playback as 4Bit PCM and playback as 8Bit PDM sounds absolutely the same. Maybe I have to exchange my two stereo-enhancements with new ones or maybe it is a general Pokey problem, since my three mono-Pokey Ataris are also playing the PDM files with just 4Bit resolution and therefore extremely noisy. Or maybe something in the conversion process with Win XP and Fuji Convert went wrong?

    My two AVG carts are both enhanced with a SIO-cable, so I can boot all my ATR images with it. CAR and XEX files also work fine with the AVG cart. and AVF videos and PDM musicfiles are a nice extra. I do not use CAS or ATX images, since I prefer faster loading ATR images, even when they are hacked or cracked versions (or converted tape2disk versions with a special C-Simulator bootloader).

    The SIDE-emulation is a nice feature, but I have not used it much (in the past only to load PDM files with FJC PDMplayer, but since there is Xuel's new PDM player, I do not need that anymore). Have not tried to use SIDE emulation and setup some APT/harddisk partitions and guess I won't do that (looks too complicated to me).
    • 4: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime4 Aug 2020
    I bought great and epic AVG cart :) So, I start to create new videos for it. First I created avf from my favorite game intros and cut scenes from Amiga, 3DO, PSX, Saturn and PC. It is very interesting to compare intros, for example Flashback on PC, 3DO and Amiga :)

    It is not direct conversion, but I corrected sound, aspect ratio, cut cutscenes from game longplays or, for example, add original game music to the almost silent Creature Shock intro, looks much better . .. and many other improvements :)

    There is The List and The Link :) Unpacket size is cca 4GB and packet 1GB.


    Now Iam working on Movie trailers and best of the 80s music clips. When there is interest I will add it here too.
    • 5: CommentAuthorsun
    • CommentTime5 Aug 2020 zmieniony
    Download problems solved...
    - click on "Show All Files", then
    - click on "Game Intros.7z"
    and then the download works.

    (When I clicked on the .7z directly, the download did not work and gave an error message.)
    • 7:
    • CommentTime5 Aug 2020 zmieniony
    Download succeed (yesterday) but no idea how to play these files on Windows. Does it require this hardware (AVG) only?
    • 8: CommentAuthorpoison
    • CommentTime5 Aug 2020
    it is not playable on windows, it is video format for atari only. You must have SIDE II and rename avf to img and put it on CF with some USB image tool or use AVG cart with avfplayer.xex player in root of SD cart
    • 9: CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime6 Aug 2020
    I have just downloaded the archive, unpacked it and I'm watching. Looks nice.