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    • 1: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime22 Feb 2024 zmieniony
    • 2:
      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime22 Feb 2024
    So equipped Atari requires probably more amps than your powerbank can deliver. Or probably not the powerbank itself but the cable, that is very thin and limits the current.

    I tried a similar thing and it worked for me.
    • 3: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime22 Feb 2024
    hmm, another cable?

    i have this:
    • 4:
      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime22 Feb 2024
    Should be powerfull enough.
    • 5: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime23 Feb 2024
    only 2 ampers.. i have u1mb, stereo, covox, and other upgrades.. maybe i needs more then 2..
    • 6: CommentAuthorGekoPL
    • CommentTime23 Feb 2024
    Here you can find some info how to make an Atari USB power cable. Additionally, there is also some information about the power consumption of specific configurations:
    Atari 65XE fabryczne 560 mA
    Atari 130XE fabryczne 620 mA
    Atari 800XL fabryczne 810 mA
    Atari 800XL + Stereo + Ultimate 830 mA
    Atari 800XL + Stereo + Ultimate + Side2 + mysz 1000 mA

    From (my) experience, in most cases a 5V/2.2A power supply is more than enough to power an Atari with an additional memory module + Cartrigde or FujiNet or other SIO2SD.
    • 7:
      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime23 Feb 2024
    2 amps are enough but I suspect, it actually cannot deliver so much.
    • 8: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime23 Feb 2024
    i have usb cable for atari.. i buy usb tester, when i delivery it, i can see how ampers going from powerbank to atari..
    • 9: CommentAuthorGekoPL
    • CommentTime23 Feb 2024
    In my opinion, the cable (may be) is to long. The voltage drops with every additional meter of wires... and in the video i can see a "nice cable extension" :)
    Check the voltage on Atari board (power connection). Should be 5V.

    My Atari USB-A power cable has length 80cm only.
    • 10: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime24 Feb 2024
    i tryied classic USB cable for phone (5v/3a), its better, but not stable (sdx doesnt boot).. my friend made another cable for my, shorter and 2.5a.
    • 11:
      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime27 Feb 2024 zmieniony
    Just to check - I took my full-featured 800XL machine (with U1MB, VBXE, Rapidus and stereo, Side2) and connected it with a USB cable to a stand alone USB HUB (with separate power supply). The machine booted but I noticed that when everything was on (including Rapidus), the power meter reported 1.25A@5V but there were problems with reading a CF card - something similar to your case. But the PSU was not able to deliver more juice, it seemed to have a ~6W power limit. So I took a stand-alone charger with up to 2.4A output. With it connected, the power meter reported up to 1.37A usage at peek (so it's not supprising that 1.25A was not enough) and everything worked just fine.

    The power cable I used was built of an old USB cord for a Kindle by Amazon - a really solid piece of wire. I think it's able to deliver a lot of current. And I think, your cable isn't, this is why you're experiencing problems...
    • 12: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime28 Feb 2024
    interesting, thanks:)
    yeah, i must build new short cable
    • 13:
      CommentAuthorPeri Noid
    • CommentTime28 Feb 2024
    Remember that it's not the outer wire radius, that matters ;-)
    • 14: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime13 Jun 2024
    hi again.. i have new cable, but something is wrong.. sdx doesnt want boot..

    • 15:
    • CommentTime13 Jun 2024 zmieniony
    @w1k - try best cables and best powerbanks. If you try lo-q stuff, you'll get lo-q output. Powerbanks are simple bulk step-up converters, often output has a noise which does not help. Popular cables have thin wires, it does not help neither. Today flash cards are fragile to power fluctuations. They get peak current much higher than idle, so power supply must be strong. When working with Fujinet, the horizontal darker bars are visible during transmition wven I have good power supply and no extensions inside Atari.

    The wire should have 0.75 mm2 or like and should be made from copper, not copper-coated iron. Check if all works ok with power-enough power supply.

    We do not know your setup (to the ground) and what can be wrong, so we cannot help you more than "just thinking".

    That's why I do not sell usb cables with Atari plug on the end. There are reports they work, but more pain than gain. The USB+powerbank solution should be used only when you play Bare Atari with cartridges, or use a IO device which barely draws power.

    Of course, YOUR mileage may vary :)
    • 16: CommentAuthorw1k
    • CommentTime13 Jun 2024
    sure, im only testing it.. i have u1mb, side 3, ultra video 1.0xe, ramdisk led checker and o2 fixer. i also think that such a solution is only good for the basics - cassettes and so on.