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    • 1: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime20 Jan 2012
    Dzięki :) Co do kompresji Koali to pewnie masz na myśli programy Krzysztofa Klimczaka z Mojego Atari 6/91 s.20-21 :)

    PS. Myślę, żę warto sprawdzić czy rzeczywiście Integrator nie działa z nowyszym G2F i dać znać autorowi, żeby dodał obsługę nowszej wersji :).
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    • CommentTime20 Jan 2012
    Niekoniecznie Krzysztofa Klimczaka, dowolne, moga byc wlasne programy :). Po prostu skompresowany format Koali pozwala korzystac ze ZNACZNIE mniejszych objetosciowo plikow. Szczegolnie takich, gdzie sa duze, puste przestrzenie, jak w powyzszym obrazku.


    PS. Myślę, żę warto sprawdzić czy rzeczywiście Integrator nie działa z nowyszym G2F i dać znać autorowi, żeby dodał obsługę nowszej wersji :).

    Nie mam czasu tego teraz sprawdzac, ale moze ktos sprawdzi, czy rzeczywiscie nie wspolpracuje z nowym G2F. Poza tym Larek czyta forum i pewnie juz sprawdza... :)
    Looks great so far !

    Will test the latest version 12 asap. Did not know you also wanted the REMarks and the variables translated into english. Let`s see, if I can do this (no problem with REM, but not sure with variables)...

    POKE 65,0 ? Well, it switches off SIO-noise, thats all afaik. Besides, could you fix the Error 138 on the emulator (and if so, what was the reason for the error to occur) ?!? And why did it not occur on the real A8 ?!?

    Personally I prefer DUP.SYS being the real DUP.SYS and not a renamed Autorun.SYS (TB XL). Maybe one could use DOS II+D or XDOS instead of DOS 2.5 (old DOS II+D and newer XDOS are both from Stefan Dorndorf and do not have/require a DUP.SYS)...?!? But I am not sure if the game and/or the TB XL will run and exit (to DOS) correctly then...

    If you need some more / some other songs for the program, there are some great TB XL 80s-pop-songs by Spueli-Soft and some Depeche-Mode songs by Kemal Ezcan. I could send them to you or you could download them from AOL archive.

    Since I have never worked with G2F nor the Integrator program, I have big doubts, that I could fit a title-pict. in front of TB XL. Besides, I always use that simple Gr. 2 title for TB XL and CTB-Runtime, since it does not use the memory space of TB XL and CTB-Runtime ($2000-2055, it can be displayed during loading). Not sure if a G2F title pict. can also be displayed while loading TB XL or if there are memory conflicts...

    Greetings, Andreas Koch.

    gave the title pic of CI a first try. Used the "LCP.XEX" title pic from KAZ and used Super-Packer (by Bewesoft) to link it with TB XL, also added a Basic-Off switch, a coldstart-routine and the Gr. 2 title, now unpacked length is 188 sectors (filename is Autorun.SYS, you may rename it to DUP.SYS)...

    Since the G2F pic used more than 50 sectors, I packed it with Flashpacker 2.1 by Taquart (no flicker when depacking). Created a second file with G2F title pic packed, TB XL, etc. etc., packed length of 167 sectors (named Title.COM, can be renamed to DUP.SYS or anything you like).

    Here is an overview of the data-segments of Title.COM:
    $0400-042C: Basic-off switch (no need to hold down Option)
    $0244-0244: Coldstart-routine (Reset=coldstart)
    $0400-041E: shows black-screen
    *** page 4 is always available again after Basic is off or screen is black...

    $2000-2005: start of G2F pict.
    $8000-89xx: packed G2F picture (press a key to continue!)
    $0400-041E: black screen again (to avoid garbage after G2F pict.)
    $2000-2055: Gr. 2 title screen (is shown while TB XL loads)
    $2080-xxxx: all the rest is TB XL...

    Well, all I need now is the updated title picture showing "Computer Inhabitants" instead of LCP, but as an .XEX file, please. In the end you will have the choice if you use a packed G2F or unpacked G2F file (and maybe exomizer can shorten TB XL too)...

    Greetings, Andreas Koch.
    • 5: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime21 Jan 2012 zmieniony

    This time only English (German version is updated, but I need to resave all files)
    - Koala compression added (slower on emu - black screens during load, but smaller files)
    - Koala binaries for reading Koala format added
    - Koala binaries for saving Koala format included inside home.sdk
    Note: Koala procedures are divided into two parts each.

    - Home.sdk updated (now saving all 3 mic and all in Koala format)
    - Notepad.pic picture added (now as screen only - test - need some work and font display routine…) this picture is based on other version of the game, converted and modified by Kaz (also some part by me ;)) - the simplest version

    Next thing to do - integrate items.dat to home.pic.

    I don't know if this is good direction... there are still glitches in main program...

    Anyway I do what is most interesting for me, at this moment...

    Andreas, if this music is on AOL just point me to those files.
    To translate variables just type DUMP"P: in emu (emu must have enabled printer) and then translate generated files (for each file in game, excluding 3 files with reconstructed tables).

    @Kaz - a są jakieś inne ogólnodostępne procedury obsługujące format Koali? Ten jest za nadto rozbudowany, przez co mało uniwersalny. A może są inne procedury kompresujące (nie koniecznie Koali), które potrafią działać w tle i mają większy stopień kompresji, przy szybszym działaniu? Tu powolność wynika z jednoczesnego odczytywania i dekompresowania, co ma na celu zmniejszenie zużycia pamięci, a tu wolnej pamięci jest sporo, więc można napierw odczytać cały plik, a potem go rozpakować. Kolejnym ograniczeniem jest to, że dane muszą zajmować cały ekran (bez jednego Bajtu - bo ostatni się nie zapisuje/wczytuje(?) i na niego (ekran) są wczytywane (stąd czarny ekran, aby nie było widać jak się wczytuje).

    So we must choice how to use notepad picture then...
    • 6: CommentAuthorlhuven
    • CommentTime21 Jan 2012
    Gdy ludzik włącza komputer, pojawia mi się komunikat:

    ERROR - 21

    po czym gra toczy się dalej

    could not find the BAS or TUR sounds at AOL, so I upload them here. All "Music Non Stop" Demo sounds (MUSNONx.ATR) are in TB XL, all others are mixed - sometimes Atari Basic, sometimes TB XL. Maybe a few of these sounds can be uses in Computer Inhabitants...

    EDIT: Gave the intro picture (Notepad.PIC) another try and tested the (unpacked) result on the real Atari and on the emulator - and now it works !! So you will find a) CI version 13 with unpacked intro-pic in front of TB XL and b) another disk with Notepad pic as Koala-PIC, as *.COM file and attached (in front) to TB XL unpacked 211 sectors and last not least packed with exomizer to 149 sectors. As before you now have the choice if you want to use the unpacked / 211 sectors version or the packed / 149 sectors version for the CI program...

    I did not only change the TB XL + intro, but I also changed AUTORUN.NXT, since there is a stupid check named "validation". Therefore I changed some lines of *.NXT as follows:

    20 EXEC VALIDATE:TRAP 32767 (originally)
    20 TRAP 40000 (my change)

    32767 BYE (originally)
    32767 REM (my change)

    and then I could delete lines 32600, 32700, 32701, 32702 and 32703 in the same program (so it got one sector shorter). Afaik, the program still loads the Koala-picture Notepad.PIC which is not nescessary anymore (since we can already see it before TB XL is loaded). But the test disk here still includes it - remove it in a future release if you wish...

    Greetings, Andreas Koch.
    • 8: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime26 Jan 2012

    - atr is now based on dos xl (dos.sys - from atr included above :))
    - items.dat saved compressed with home.pic (home.sdk updated)
    - gr.0 time input screen removed
    - now time input is displayed using font from "Lotto" (each letter have it's own width)
    Note: font is still present in memory when game is loaded (poke 756,144), but have no use.
    - added new assembler routine for character (height up to 255 bytes) to 4 color graphics conversion (most part same as used in game "64 figury") - this time parameters are x,y (no need recalculation) instead of byte and shift (in some cases more useful)
    example 16 bit multiply routine used

    also included (not used) test version which can print over background (only color 3 work) - previously used in short example program "todel"
    there are left some not used parts for this in autorun.nxt (maybe for future use or to remove)
    - song.# changed to track.#
    - some randoms are simplified
    - notepad.pic edited a little
    - maybe more...

    Andreas thank you for tests and info how to include "front" picture.
    For now I focused on notepad as input for time.

    Koala picture is loaded to address pointed by dpeek(88), little modification may enable this routine to load picture anywhere, displaying something else during load (previous screen).
    Maybe even without edition this is possible - I must look at example.

    "Validation" isn't stupid, this check prevent user from change author name and remove credits file. Of course when user can list program this is worth nearly nothing... but trap to bye is ok because during load when some file is not found without trap user get error message and basic... with rem just basic... self test mean something went wrong during load - so user must get fresh copy of the disk.

    @lhuven bo to błąd na jego komputerze :)
    • 9: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime29 Jan 2012 zmieniony

    - moved duplicated body sequences to separate proc's (2 bugs fixed)
    - fixed gymnastic animation
    - some figure correction
    - moved duplicated head sequences to separate proc's (another 2 bugs fixed)
    - removed unused faces (duplicated)
    - fixed - face from left and right side look same
    - other small changes

    Still to fix: sometimes Jack jumping out of his body on last floor

    I have found when Error 138 appear (then crash) - when SIO patch in disabled in emu - there was another post about this last few days in other topic ( ->link<- )... solution is to change DOS... but no details why this happened... probably bug in emu?
    • 10:
    • CommentTime13 Dec 2017
    QTZ - na czym stanęło w tej sprawie i czy poprawki uznajesz za zakończone? :)
    • 11: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime13 Dec 2017 zmieniony
    Jak już gdzieś tu na forum pisałem miałem wersję v.18, o około tydzień późniejszą od v.17 :) - poprawiłem jeszcze wpisywanie, ale nie miałem czasu jej poskładać i tak zostało, a teraz to w ogóle nie wiem czy cokolwiek jeszcze z tego mam bo na początku roku padł mi dysk... muszę poszukać, bo być może mam backup...

    Edit1: w tamtym czasie miałem problem ze ściąganiem plików z AOL, był ustawiony jakiś mały timeout i na wolnym łączu przerywało mi ściąganie przed końcem nawet małego pliku z załącznika...

    O ile pamiętam samo tłumaczenie jest gotowe, ale pewnie znajdzie się jeszcze coś w programie do poprawienia... no i mieliśmy nieco rozbudować...

    Na razie nie mam czasu - póki co pracuję nad tłumaczeniami do Laury... ale jak znajdę chwilkę poszukam v.18-ki.

    Edit2: znalazłem jakiś backup z CI v.18a.
    • 12:
    • CommentTime5 Jun 2019
    Paweł, jest szansa, że znajdziesz czas, żeby znowu trochę do przodu popchnąć ten niewątpliwie ciekawy projekt?
    • 13: CommentAuthorQTZ
    • CommentTime5 Jun 2019 zmieniony
    W tej chwili zupełnie nie... po awarii zasilacza przesiadłem się na inny komputer i nie mam nawet dostępu do tamtych plików... ale dzięki za pamięć, może jak się uporam z kompami (raczej nieprędko) to chociaż opublikuję v.18a...

    Marzy mi się żeby ktoś zrobił prawdziwy port oryginalnej gry (do tego w pełnej - takiej jak dyskowa wersji)...