Adventure II Game Instructions

Instructions (taken from the game's manual) for DEMO and final game:

Section1 : Using the Atari 5200 Controller.

At the Title Screen:

Press the * button to choose your game variation. Press Start or a fire button on the controller to start a game.

Press the # button to select unlocked alternate character icons.

During Game Play:

The joystick moves the adventurer around each screen. Touch an object to pick it up.

Press either of the lower fire buttons to drop an object. Press either of the upper fire buttons to manipulate an object you are carrying. For example, if you are carrying the sword, pressing an upper fire button will change the direction its blade faces (left or right).

The 5200 Keypad buttons:

If you get lost or eaten, you can press the #5 key at any time to revive yourself at the most recent checkpoint. Pressing the fire button will also revive you to a checkpoint if you are eaten and stuck inside a dragon’s belly.

Pressing Pause will pause game play. Press it again to resume game play. Pressing Reset will end your game and return you to the Title Screen.

Section 2: Game play

How to Play

Adventure II is a one-player game. Use the joystick to move your character in eight directions. The goal is to find the Chalice in the Dark Kingdom’s castle and return it to Seashore Kingdom’s castle courtyard. Along the way you’ll need to find & use keys to unlock castle gates, use the sword to defend yourself, and find your way through various mazes and screens.

To pick up an item, touch it. To drop a carried item, press Fire Button 1. To manipulate a carried item, press Fire Button 2. (See the ITEMS section for more information).

Avoid all creatures if possible! Dragons will bite you and eventually swallow you whole! You can press the #5 key on your 5200 controller to revive yourself at the nearest checkpoint at any time, whether you are eaten, stuck, or just hopelessly lost. (See the CREATURES section for more information on each creature).

When you’ve successfully returned the chalice, the game will assign you a special ranking based on how well you did!

Game Variations

Small mazes contain 2 kingdoms. Medium mazes contain all 4 kingdoms with small castle interior mazes. Vast mazes contain all 4 kingdoms with large castle interior mazes.

Beginner’s Levels: (Troll mischief is light, and Minotaur doesn’t chase you or shift hedges. Dragons aren’t as strong.)

Game 1: Small.

Game 2: Medium.

Game 3: Vast.

Intermediate’s Levels: (Troll steals from you. Minotaur chases you but will not shift the hedge maze)

Games 4 and 5: Small.

Games 6 and 7: Medium.

Games 8 and 9: Vast.

Advanced Levels: (Troll steals. Minotaur chases you and may shift the hedge maze if he grabs you. Dragons are at full strength.)

Games 10 and 11: Small.

Games 12 and 13: Medium.

Games 14 and 15: Vast.

Special Levels: (Same as Advanced rules, but dragons are even stronger, slain dragons will regenerate after a while, and the Kingdom 1 maze will be randomly chosen each time you play.)

Games 16 and 17: Small.

Games 18 and 19: Medium.

Games 20 and 21: Vast

Game 22: All 4 Kingdom mazes are randomly chosen each time you play! A different maze each time you play!

Section 3: Items and Creatures


Touch items to pick them up. Press Fire Button 1 to drop them. Press Fire Button 2 to manipulate a carried sword or bridge.

The Sword This is your trusted weapon, handed down to you by your ancestors. Its blade is sharp and strong enough to chop wood planks from logs! Use the sword to slay dragons. But be warned, some dragons need to be struck multiple times to kill them. The sword’s handle will not kill a dragon but will push it away. Press Fire Button 2 to switch the sword’s facing direction (left or right).

The Keys they all look the same! Good thing they are different colors. Each key opens a castle of like color. Collect them all!

Wood Planks build bridges over some areas of water.

The Bridge allows you to cross any obstacle, including logs, boulders, hedges, walls, and water. Press Fire Button 2 to change from normal bridge to side bridge and again.

The Chalice must be returned to the Seashore Kingdom’s castle courtyard to win the game!

The Magnet activates when you pick it up! It draws an item towards it.


Each creature has its own abilities, which can hinder or even end your adventure!

The Troll He is always busy running around. He loves to steal items. He is a coward, however, and will run from dragons. He suffers from near-sightedness but will generally move towards a desired item. He often takes naps. If the Troll steals an item , he will hide it in the same kingdom. If the Troll steals an item inside a castle's maze, he will hide it inside that same castle.

The Dragons You’ve known about the orange dragon’s presence in the Seashore Kingdom for a while now. The beast isn’t very fast but has dagger-like teeth and can quickly devour you.

The Dragons go about their business of roaming, guarding, and attacking. They are fiercely territorial. Dragons never give up a chase once they’ve bitten you! If a dragon eats you, you must revive yourself by pressing the #5 key! However be warned that by reviving yourself, you also revive all slain dragons!

Frugle is the orange dragon. She possesses average speed and strength and lives in the Seashore Kingdom.

Sithel is the green dragon. She roams the Green Kingdom’s hedge mazes and is fast and strong.

Brundle, the red dragon, is the most ferocious dragon of all. She is fast, ferocious, intelligent and very strong.

The Minotaur – he roams the Green Kingdom’s hedge maze endlessly. He fears nothing. If he grabs you, he will expel you from the maze. On certain difficulty levels, he will change the actual layout of the hedge maze! Although there are 4 different hedge mazes in Adventure II, fortunately there are only 2 possible hedge mazes for each particular game variation.

Section 4: The Kingdoms and Power-Ups

The Four Kingdoms

The Seashore Kingdom (has 3 unique mazes) – filled with sandy pathways, logs and boulders, this kingdom borders the sea. You start your adventure at the Seashore Kingdom’s castle. To win the game, find the chalice and return it to the castle’s courtyard. Cross the Troll’s Bridge to leave this kingdom. The gold key opens this castle.

The Green Kingdom (has 4 unique hedge mazes) – you must traverse a confusing hedge maze to find the Green Kingdom’s castle. Make sure you have the green key to open the castle, and watch out for Sithel, the green dragon. Also beware the Minotaur who patrols this kingdom.

The Ice Kingdom (has small and large castle interior mazes) – this desolate, abandoned kingdom lies in the mountains and has been frozen over for years. Pay attention to the castle’s floor colors to find your way through! Watch out for Brundle who may make a guest appearance here!

The Dark Kingdom (has small and large castle interior mazes) – follow the twisting paths through the dark, spooky forest to find the fiery castle. Brundle guards this land, so be careful! Bring the red key, search the Dark Kingdom’s castle interior for the final courtyard screen where the stolen chalice has been placed, and get out alive! Pay attention to the castle’s floor colors to find your way through!


There are a few special abilities that you may find or earn when playing Adventure II.

SPEED – you’ll move twice as fast as long as this power lasts.

SHIELD – you can’t be harmed! Want some revenge on those nasty creatures?

FLIGHT – when you find one of the three tiny hidden BAT EGGS (also known as “DOTS”), you’ll be granted a wonderful ability to fly anywhere without colliding with background objects! Don’t end up stuck when the power wears off!


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