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Vanilla 1.1.4 jest produktem Lussumo. Więcej informacji: Dokumentacja, Forum.

    How about a multi-player version of Scorched Earth? ;)
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    • CommentTime15 Jun 2021
    pomysł dobry, choć taki multiplayer pod rozdzielczość ekranu Atari może się nie udać. Chyba, że vbxe i 640x192.
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    • CommentTime15 Jun 2021
    Absolutely, I have a version of scorched earth that is definitely expandable to Fujinet: ->link<-
    I am working on a much simpler game now as a jump board to learn fujinet.
    Our scorch is relatively clean, I mean it should be quite possible to add multiplayer over the net.
    There are few details I am not sure about, like displaying real time changes in barrel angles and synchronization of randomized values between players, but I still have a long way to get to this point.
    how about making such a responsibility to the server?
    1. producing random value
    2. measuring the passing time
    oooo, source code! Gonna have a look at this! :)

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    • CommentTime17 Jun 2021
    Gra Gorgha w statki przez FujiNet wygląda coraz lepiej:

    @pirx - What do I need to compile scorch_src? ;)

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    • CommentTime17 Jun 2021
    just mads, buuuuuuut it might be missing header files, checking
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    • CommentTime17 Jun 2021
    fixed ;)
    works with the latest, freshly compiled mads, just

    mads program.asm