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    • 1: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime16 Jun 2024 zmieniony
    .... well... it seems so.
    For some years nothing special happened in the Demo section.
    Games do not really present something new.
    Except of some enhancements in music programming, there did nothing new really happen.

    It's like the Scene will die soon.
    Software development of the Atari is stuck at about 60 %...
    Top programmers propose a ....

    and we get....


    • 2: CommentAuthorsolo/ng
    • CommentTime17 Jun 2024
    re-check back in about a month
    • 3:
    • CommentTime17 Jun 2024
    solo/ng: tempting.
    • 4: CommentAuthor0xF
    • CommentTime17 Jun 2024 zmieniony
    It's like the Scene will die soon.

    Yeah right, we heard that in the '90s!
    • 5: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime17 Jun 2024
    Yeah... but it wasn't me writing that back then. ;)
    I know what's really possible within the given hardware limits.
    Going further in development would mean to listen to my words. But this doesn't happen. People know it better, so things went stuck ....
    I wonder what others still could offer.
    At least I'm happy with every working prod.
    • 6:
    • CommentTime18 Jun 2024 zmieniony
    No no... listen to MY words...
    Here it is:

    Fourty Two

    You'll thank me later.
    • 7: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime18 Jun 2024
    @laoo funny statment .... not.
    You might know that no one knows the universial question for that answer.
    But.... possibly.... you might get it, if you take care of two of the most outstanding prods for the Atari. The coder decided to invite me to take my part, because they did see the possibilities, as people from "out of the Atari scene" showed patience...

    Naggers at Atariage destroyed any further progress.
    • 8: CommentAuthorkraczaj
    • CommentTime19 Jun 2024
    Stop being such egocentric. It's "me" and "me" all the time. We all know, you are the best already
    • 9: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime19 Jun 2024
    " We all know, you are the best already "....

    OK... That's why you don't listen.... I understand.
    • 10:
    • CommentTime19 Jun 2024
    There raises and falls down. Then again raises. Of course it will (almost) die someday, but not now yet.

    But if author says: demoscene is driven by demoevents - then yes. When demoevents die, the scene dies too. So Let DemoEvents Stay Live!
    • 11:
    • CommentTime21 godzin temu
    Solo/ng "re-check back in about a month" :)

    Nice one Solo ! Great demo!
    Scene is alive :)
    • 12: CommentAuthoremkay
    • CommentTime20 godzin temu
    On the graphical side things were absolutely stunning.
    Sadly, there was only one "Demo"
    The KEY is in the perfection of POKEY music. Believe it or not.
    People from outside get interested , if the Music of the Chip fits to their taste.
    The gazillion coders on the C64 do that mainly based on the SID sound.
    POKEY is the most capable chip of the Atari, it's just the missing development software....

    Possibly the "Disco" Part of the Demo some real disco tune would have approved things.
    The mess there is that everything was out of sync.
    The music wasn't "Disco" at all, and the movement of the dancers had nothing in common with the rhythm of the music.
    • 13: CommentAuthorTiger
    • CommentTime19 godzin temu
    it was not disco, it was 80' 'hybryde' funk. Demo is not perfect, we started earlier to meke it so... and still we run out of time. Demo lacks 4 parts that we didnt manage to include. From what I heard from ppl from other platforms on party, they not only liked the music but many of them changed their mind regarding pokey - in a positive way. Also I am a fan of gr10 like you, so expect more.

    In regards to the overall scene condition - main problem is that ppl are fuckin lazy as shit XD